Waste & Recycling A to Z - Items that begin with G

Our waste and recycling A-Z explains which items can go in your green and blue bins.

To reveal the items, simply select a letter they begin with.

Garden Waste

Recycle centre sign post

How To Dispose: We now offer a Garden Waste Collection Service which allows Bassetlaw residents to recycle even more of their waste. Collections take place every two-weeks between the beginning of March and the end of November. This is a subscription based collection and your fee includes a 240 litre wheelie bin. Garden waste can als be composted at home or taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Details and restrictions: Do not put diseased plants into any compost mixture.

Gas Bottles and Cylinders

How To Dispose: See Details

Details and restrictions: These items can post a life threatening hazard. Always return to the gas company branded on the container or an approved supplier.


How To Dispose: Glass can be recycled at one of the many Recycle / Bring Sites in the district, such as supermarkets. Visit our bottle banks and recycling points page on the website for locations across the district.

Details and restrictions: Please remember to remove the lids and put glass bottles and jars into the correct clear, green or brown recycling containers. If you have blue bottles, these should be placed in the green glass bank. Pyrex Cookware/plate glass/window glass cannot be recycled at local recycling sites.


Recycle centre sign post

How To Dispose: At the Retford or Worksop Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Details and restrictions: None

Greeting Cards

blue recycle bin

How To Dispose: In your blue bin.

Details and restrictions: None