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Bassetlaw policies and procedures

Details of the council's current policies and procedures.

Cabinet members

Who are the Cabinet Members for Bassetlaw District Council

CCTV code of practice

Code of Practice in respect of the operation of Closed Circuit Television

Chairman of the Council

Chairman of Bassetlaw District Council

Council's constitution

Bassetlaw District Council's Constitution explains how the Council operates and how decisions are made

Consultations and engagement

Consultation information and engagement with local community groups and organisations. Information on how to get involved

Contact the Council

Contact or find Bassetlaw District Council

Customer Services

Information on what services the Council's Customer Services provide

Data protection

Information regarding Bassetlaw Council's policies surrounding data protection

Freedom of information

Information on how to make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request at Bassetlaw District Council

Finance and budgets

Bassetlaw District Council's accounts and finance information, including payments to suppliers

Heroes welcome

‘Heroes Welcome’ is an initiative encouraging a public show of support for current and former Armed Forces personnel and their families

In my local area mapping system

Find out the services, information and where things are by using our interactive map.

Local Councillors

Contact details for all the District Councillors at Bassetlaw

Local representatives

Information on the local representatives in Bassetlaw, including County Councillors, MPs, MEP

Local Statistics

Reports based on the latest census and local statistics.

Parish Councils

Information about the Parish Councils within Bassetlaw

Petitions scheme

Council's Petition section

Publication scheme

Statement of intent for Bassetlaw District Council's Publication Scheme

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA)

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) is the law governing the use of covert techniques by public authorities

Structure of the Council

The current structure of Bassetlaw District Council

Blue plaque scheme

The Blue Plaque Scheme was introduced to recognise important people who have lived in the area over the centuries

History of Bassetlaw

Information on the History of Bassetlaw, including the Bassetlaw Museum

Bassetlaw Vision 2040

Our vision is for Bassetlaw to become the greenest, most sustainable district in which to live and work, building on its legacy of energy production, manufacturing and logistics to power the net zero economy.

Corporate Performance Management Framework

Bassetlaw District Council's Corporate Performance Management Framework 2023-2027

Local Government Association Corporate Peer Challenge

The Council undertook a Corporate Peer Challenge (also known as a ‘peer review’) in early December 2023.