Local Government Association Corporate Peer Challenge

The Council undertook a Corporate Peer Challenge (also known as a ‘peer review’) in early December 2023, with a focus on whether the Council has the right balance of risk on its approach to income generation; and how prepared and what the council can learn from other places with significant infrastructure plant/power stations such as Sizewell and Hinkley.

In addition, the review also examined the five core elements that underpin every Council’s Corporate Peer Challenge:

  1. Local priorities and outcomes
  2. Organisational and place leadership
  3. Governance and culture 
  4. Financial planning and management 
  5. Capacity for improvement.

Final report

As part of the process, the Council is publishing the LGA’s Feedback Report.

Download the Corporate Peer Challenge Report (PDF).

Action Plan

The Council will agree an action plan in response to the LGA’s recommendations.

This will be available to download in due course.

Follow up

There will be a follow-up visit by the LGA within 10 months of the Peer Challenge.

Last Updated on Wednesday, March 27, 2024