Licensing act 2003

Licensing act 2003

Here you will find information about the various types of application that the Licensing Department process under the Licensing Act 2003

Premises licence

A Premises Licence is granted for a business supplying alcohol or entertainment or late night food (on or off the premises

Club premises certificate

A Premises Licence is granted for a business supplying alcohol or entertainment or late night food (on or off the premises

Personal licence

All sales of alcohol must be made by, or under the authority of, a personal licence holder.

Temporary event notice (TEN)

Information of Temporary Event Notices (TEN), which can be used to authorise relatively small-scale, ad hoc events.

Regulated entertainment

What is Regulated Entertainment?

Licensing objectives

Applications under the Licensing Act must show how they will promote the Licensing Objectives

Late night refreshment

Late Night Refreshment involves the supply of ‘hot food and hot drink’ between 11:00pm and 05:00am

Premises licence reviews

Information relating to applications for a review of a licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003

Designated premises supervisor

If the application for a Premises Licence includes consent to supply or sell alcohol, a Designated Premises Supervisor must be appointed

Advertising applications

In addition to displaying a notice at the premises a notice must also be published in a local newspaper

Mandatory conditions

The mandatory conditions apply to every licence and certificate issued by the Licensing Department

Fees for licences

Fees for Licences under the Licensing Act 2003

Responsible authorities

Responsible Authorities are public bodies that are entitled to make representations to the Licensing Department in relation to your application.

Licensing enforcement

The Licensing Department has specialist Enforcement Officers whose job it is to enforce the licences issued by the council

Statement of licensing policy

The Council carries out its functions under the Licensing Act 2003 with a view to promoting the Licensing Objectives.

Community centres and church halls

Churches, community centres and village halls are exempt from having to pay any fees

Current applications for a premises licence

Applications received for premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003. This is a link through to our Public Notices on Open Data.