Designated premises supervisor - Designated premises supervisor

If the application for a Premises Licence includes consent to supply or sell alcohol (but not a Club Premises Licence), a Designated Premises Supervisor must be appointed.

This is the person(s) that will be the first point of contact with the Council or responsible authorities should they have concerns regarding the operation of the Premises.

You cannot become a Designated Premises Supervisor unless you hold a Personal Licence

Those premises with a Club Premises Licence do not need a Designated Premises Supervisor to sell alcohol to members and guests, BUT this exemption does not apply if the Premises are hired out for functions (e.g. weddings and premises).

A full Premises Licence is required for those activities (unless a small number of events are held, which can be authorised under a Temporary Event Notice) and therefore must appoint a Designated Premises Supervisor.

Only the Chief Officer of Police will be able to make representations about the specification of any Designated Premises Supervisor. This is if they feel, in the exceptional circumstances of the case, that the crime prevention licensing objectives could be undermined. This could include fears that the Designated Premises Supervisor would not be able to fulfil the responsibilities in respect of the crime prevention objective for more than one premises at the same time.

Where the Chief Officer of Police makes representations about the Designated Premises Supervisor, the Licensing Department will hold a hearing to consider the representations (unless all parties agree that this is unnecessary). As a result of the consideration of the representations, the Licensing Department may refuse to specify the DPS if it considers it necessary for the promotion of the crime prevention objective to do so.

The Designated Premises Supervisor must inform the relevant Licensing Department if he or she wishes to be removed as Designated Premises Supervisor. Within 48 hours of the Notice being given to the Licensing Department, the Designated Premises Supervisor must also give the Premises Licence Holder a copy of the Notice sent to the Licensing Department. The Designated Premises Supervisor must also send a Notice directing the Premises Licence Holder to send the Premises Licence to the relevant Licensing Authority. If that is not practicable, a statement of the reasons for the failure to provide the licence within 14 days of receiving the Notice should be issued to the Licensing Authority. If the Premises Licence holder fails to comply with the direction he/she will commit a criminal offence.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024