Club premises certificate - Club premises certificate

The Licensing Act 2003 recognised that volunteer and social clubs gives rise to different issues in licensing law to those that arise in commercially run places that sell alcohol direct to the public.

These clubs are generally organisations where members join together for a particular social, sporting or political purpose and then combine to purchase alcohol in bulk for members of the club. Access by the general public to the club is restricted and alcohol is sold other than for profit

The grant of a club premises certificate means that a club is entitled to certain benefits, which include the authority to supply alcohol to its members and sell it to guests without the need for any member or employee to hold a personal licence, and the absence of a requirement to specify a designated premises supervisor. There are more limited rights of entry for the police and other authorised persons, as the premises are considered private and not generally open to the public.


How do I Apply?

You submit an application to the Licensing Department. With the application form you need to attach all relevant documentation. Copies of the application and accompanying documentation must also be sent to the Responsible Authorities on the same day the application is submitted to us. Applications must also be advertised to allow other persons to be able to make representations to the Licensing Department.

Read the Guidance Notes For Club Premises Licence Applications and complete the Application for Club Premise Certificate.



Last Updated on Thursday, October 10, 2019