Premises licence reviews - How do I make an application for review?

How do I make an application for review?

You need to complete the prescribed form.

There are certain procedural steps that must be followed correctly. The Licensing Department has no discretion to accept review applications that do not comply with the timeframes/requirements set out in the Licensing Act

When submitting the application, please send your original application and any relevant documents to:

The Licensing Department
Bassetlaw District Council
Queens Building
Potter Street
S80 8AH

Fill in our request a licensing application form and select the 'application to instigate review of premise licence or club premises' form to complete your application.

On the same day you must provide copies of the application and accompanying documents to all Responsible Authorities* and to the person who holds the Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate i.e. the licensee

Upon receipt of an application the Licensing Department will consider your application and either:

  • Accept the application – and notify the person or body making the application, or;
  • Reject the application - the person or body who requested the review will be notified in writing as soon as reasonably practicable

Upon receipt of a valid application the Licensing Department will:

  • Advertise the review for 28 days, from the day after the application was made:
    • at, or near the site of the premises to which the application relates (and where it can conveniently be read from the exterior)
    • at Bassetlaw District Council’s offices at Queens Building



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024