Premises licence reviews - When can a review be rejected?

When can a review be rejected?

A review application can be rejected if the ground for review is considered to be frivolous, vexatious or repetitious. A repetitious application is one that is identical or substantially similar to:

  • a ground for review specified in an earlier application for review made in respect of the same Premises Licence which has already been determined
  • representations considered by the Licensing Department when the Premises Licence was first granted
  • identical or substantially similar to representations made when the application for the Premises Licence was first made and which were excluded then on the grounds of being irrelevant, vexatious or frivolous

In addition to the above grounds, a review can be considered repetitious if a reasonable interval has not elapsed since a previous review or the grant of the licence.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024