Hackney carriage and private hire policy - Appendix P - Special Events Vehicle Licence Conditions

Special Events Vehicle Licence Conditions

General Notes

The licensing of Special Event Vehicles shall be dependent upon the Council being satisfied that the vehicle is suitable in size, type and design for use as a Special Event Vehicle. The prime consideration of the Council is the safety and comfort of the travelling public.

Prior to the vehicle being presented for mechanical examination at the Council’s Testing Station, the owner/proprietor shall ensure that the vehicle complies with all the following requirements and conditions.

These standards apply to all vehicles that are presented to Bassetlaw District Council on primary application for licensing as a Special Event Vehicle and shall continue to apply at all times thereafter.


  1. Vehicles may be either right hand or left-hand drive, and shall have a vehicle registration document issued by the DVLA.
  2. In respect of an imported Stretched Limousine, all legal documentation shall be provided verifying details of manufacture and/or any conversions and import documentation.
  3. The age limit of any “Special Event Vehicle” shall not exceed 7 years from year of manufacture at first registration with the Council.
  4. Stretched Limousines shall be subject to vehicle inspections at the Council’s testing station every six months.
  5. Side facing seats shall be allowed in Stretched Limousine Vehicles.
  6. All passenger seats shall be at least 400 mm wide.
  7. Seatbelts shall be fitted to each passenger seat and used.
  8. Tyres shall meet with or exceed the weight loading requirements and specifications of that particular vehicle.
  9. The windscreen and all windows in the drivers cab area shall be clear. Tinted windows shall only be accepted if fitted to the manufacturer’s standard and shall conform to the legal requirements as laid down by the Construction and Use Regulations 2003.
  10. There shall be a minimum of two rear passenger doors.
  11. No luggage shall be carried in the passenger compartment.
  12. The maximum number of passengers permitted shall be eight excluding the driver.
  13. A Special Event Vehicle shall not resemble a Hackney Carriage in any way.
  14. Passengers shall not be allowed in the front seat(s) of Stretched Limousines and if removable, the front passenger seat(s) shall be removed. (A seating layout plan shall be submitted with the application).
  15. A fully serviceable fire extinguisher (a capacity of not less than 1.0 litre AFFF or 1 kg dry powder) and an approved first aid kit shall be carried inside the vehicle at all times and shall be clearly identified.

Provision of alcohol

  1. Where alcohol is supplied, the proprietor shall hold the appropriate licence(s) as required by the law under the Licensing Act 2003.
  2. It is the Licence holders responsibility to ensure that no person under 18 years of age is permitted to drink alcohol within the vehicle.
  3. Alcohol shall not be supplied in a moving vehicle.

These conditions are issued in conjunction with the Council’s Private Hire Vehicle Licence Conditions which should be adhered to at all times. The above points are additional and relate to Special Event Vehicles only.

A vehicle should not be more than seven years old unless in “exceptional condition”. Guidance Notes on the definition of “exceptional condition” can be obtained from the Licensing Office. In the event that a Licence is refused for a vehicle which does not meet the Council’s age policy there is a right of Appeal to the Magistrates Court.

Vehicles which reach the age of twelve years will not have their licence renewed unless in “exceptional condition”.

Vehicles are tested in accordance with the Council’s Testing Manual. Copies can be obtained from the Council’s Licensing Office.

An MOT certificate is required when the vehicle is three years old.

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