Hackney carriage and private hire information

Taxi complaints

Report an issue with a Licenced Vehicle, Driver or Operator directly to Bassetlaw District Councils Licensing Department

Hackney Carriage scale of fares

The current scale of fares for hackney carriages (Taxi) journeys

Hackney Carriage & private hire convictions and fitness policy

Policy to aid Officers and Members when dealing with those applicants and licence holders who have previous convictions

Private hire vehicle

Information on how to apply for a Private Hire Vehicle licence

Private hire operator

Information and advice about operating a business as a Private Hire Operator

Hackney Carriage vehicles

How to apply for a Hackney Carriage licence in Bassetlaw

Hackney Carriage and private hire penalty points scheme

The scheme covers all Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Drivers, Private Hire Operators, Hackney Carriage Vehicles and Private Hire Vehicles

Hackney Carriage and private hire policy

The Bassetlaw District Council licensing policy for Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles, drivers and operators

Hackney Carriage private hire driver

Apply for a Hackney Carriage Private Hire Driver licence in Bassetlaw