Hackney Carriage scale of fares

The Council set the fares for Hackney Carriage journeys within the Bassetlaw district. Fares are charged by meter. As these are a maximum, fares can be negotiated downwards by the hirer.

The driver of a Hackney Carriage Vehicle (Taxi) must, unless he has reasonable excuse, accept any hiring within the Bassetlaw district if the final destination is also within the Bassetlaw district. The fare for such a journey, will be calculated by the taxi meter

The driver does not have to accept journeys that end outside the Bassetlaw district. If the driver does accept journeys of this nature the fare or rate of fare must be by agreement between the hirer and driver before the journey commences. The fare is likely to be higher than within the Bassetlaw district as drivers cannot accept a return hiring. Where no such agreement exists then the scale of charges applicable to journeys within the Bassetlaw district shown below will apply

A fare card should be displayed in every hackney carriage vehicle giving details of maximum fares.

All fares recorded by the taxi-meter are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and are the maximum that can be charged for the journey.

A table of fees is shown below is operative from 31 October 2016

scale of fares


Last Updated on Friday, December 06, 2019