Hackney carriage and private hire policy - Appendix J - Vehicle application procedure

Vehicle application procedure (including renewal applications)

Applications for vehicle licences will only be accepted in relation to vehicles that comply with:

  • The Bassetlaw District Council (“the Council”) specification for private hire vehicles, or hackney carriages (as appropriate)
  • The Council’s Vehicle Age Policy.

In making an application for a vehicle licence, applicants must submit the following:

  1. The completed vehicle licence application form;
  2. The appropriate fee
  3. The original Document (Log Book/V5) certificate of registration for the vehicle; or a Bill of Sale (pending this).
    Please note: the new keeper’s supplement section of the V5 document will only be accepted in the case of vehicles that are not licensed at the time that the application is made, and the vehicle has recently been purchased by the applicant (the bill of sale will
    need to demonstrate this). Licences will not be renewed unless the full V5 document is made available to the council at the time of application).
  4. The insurance certificate or insurance cover note for the vehicle. If the insurance certificate covers less than two months, then a new certificate must be provided to the Licensing Authority before the paper licence is issued.
  5. A current MOT certificate valid for at least two months. If the MOT certificate is for less than this a new MOT certificate must be provided to the Licensing Authority before the paper licence is issued.
  6. A HPI Certificate for new and replacement vehicles (as vehicles subject to a category A, B, C and D write off will not be considered for a licence).
  7. Any vehicle not manufactured with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval will be required to undergo Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) testing. Evidence of that testing and the vehicle having obtained SVA must be produced to the licensing office on application before the vehicle can be licensed.
  8. If the applicant is not a currently licensed driver then a basic disclosure from the DBS shall be provided on application and at each annual renewal.

The vehicle must be submitted for examination at the Council’s Vehicle Testing Station. This inspection will include an assessment of the vehicle’s mechanical and aesthetic condition, and will exceed the MOT standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. The inspection is intended to assess the vehicle for licensing suitability. The Council will not issue an MOT certificate for the vehicle that will be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain at his/her own cost.

For vehicles under the age of five years they will be issued with a 12-month licence.

Vehicles older than 5 years old will only be granted a 6-month licence.

The person presenting the vehicle for inspection must submit to the vehicle inspector all necessary documents before the start of the vehicle examination.

Once the vehicle has been inspected, the inspection facility will confirm to the Licensing Office that a licensing inspection has taken place, and the result of that inspection. This may be done by supplying the vehicle proprietor and the Licensing Office with the appropriate  confirmation documentation. This documentation must indicate to the proprietor of the vehicle.

  1. if the vehicle “passed” or “failed” the inspection
  2. what point(s) the vehicle failed on (where a failure is given)

Where a vehicle fails an inspection, the inspector must supply the proprietor and licensing officer with sufficient documentation to indicate what faults exist on the vehicle and are required to be rectified to enable the vehicle to pass a re-test (including body damage / dents / scratches or damage to fabrics / missing plates, notices or door signs). This document will be supplied to the proprietor of the vehicle at the end of that test inspection. A re-test of the vehicle will not be permitted until at least 48 hours have lapsed.

Once the vehicle licence has been issued, only licensed drivers will be permitted to drive the vehicle.

A Hackney Carriage, once licensed shall always remain and be a licensed vehicle until the licence and plates are surrendered to the Council.

A Private Hire Vehicle, once licensed shall always remain and be a licensed vehicle until the licence and plates are surrendered to the Council.

Where an application has been made for a vehicle licence to be renewed, upon testing at the Councils Vehicle Testing Station the previous plates WILL be removed at the Vehicle Testing Station and subsequently disposed of by the Council.



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