Hackney carriage and private hire policy - Appendix I - Code of conduct working with vulnerable passengers

Code of conduct working with vulnerable passengers

Bassetlaw District Councils Code of Conduct When working with Vulnerable Passengers

A vulnerable passenger is a passenger whose age or disability means that they are more susceptible to harm than a typical passenger. This may be a child, an elderly person or somebody with learning difficulties for example.

This code of conduct aims to promote good safeguarding practice for drivers and staff working

  • Drivers should carry photo ID at all times, and wear it in accordance with the conditions of licence.
  • The driver / operator must confirm that appropriate provision has been made for the vulnerable person prior to accepting the booking or commencing the journey. This does not necessarily mean that the driver / operator is responsible for the provision of appropriate measures, however they should check that they are in place.
  • When making a journey with vulnerable passengers, photo-identification should be produced to the carer responsible for the vulnerable person. If necessary, you should obtain a record of the carer’s contact details if there is no chaperone.
  • If a vulnerable passenger is refused service a responsible person should be informed so that alternative arrangements can be made. For example, this situation may arise if the customer has an assistance dog and the driver has a medical exemption granted by the council.
  • Always ask if a vulnerable passenger needs help, do not assume.
  • Drivers should remain professional at all times and should not:
    • Touch a vulnerable person inappropriately 
    • Make offensive or inappropriate comments (such as the use of swearing or sexualised or discriminatory language)
    • Behave in a way that may make a vulnerable passenger feel intimidated or threatened
    • Attempt to misuse personal details obtained via the business about a vulnerable person
  • A log should be maintained by drivers when a service has been provided to vulnerable passenger including the details of any incidents occurring / actions taken or refusals of service.

If you are concerned about the safety, welfare or behaviour of a vulnerable person, you should report this to the police by telephoning 101 (or in appropriate cases by calling 999).

If you are concerned about someone else’s conduct, you should report your concerns to the police (101) or Crimestoppers (0800 555111) or the Safeguarding hub on 0300 500 80 90.



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