Open space - Methodology

Open spaces (parks, allotments, green corridors, amenity and natural greenspace) are evaluated using an assessment pro forma, examining proximity of the sites to residential areas and its security, general location and condition. An assessment of quality and value is also undertaken, as recommended in PPG17 guidance. Play areas are assessed separately through a specific play analysis sheet, in order to also capture equipment specific information.

Quality and Value

Quality and value are fundamentally different and can be unrelated. For example, a high quality space may be in an inaccessible location and, thus, be of little value; while, if a rundown (poor quality) space may be the only one in an area and thus be immensely valuable. As a result, quality and value are also treated separately in terms of scoring. Each type of open space receives a separate quality and value score (expressed as a percentage).



Last Updated on Tuesday, September 8, 2020