Open space - Assessing value

Using data calculated from site visits, and desk based evaluations, a value score for each site is identified. Value is defined in PPG17 in relation to the following three issues:

  • Context of the site i.e. its accessibility, scarcity value and historic value.
  • Level and type of use.
  • The wider benefits it generates for people, biodiversity and the wider environment.

The value criteria used are summarised below:

Value criteria for open space site visits (score)

  • Level of use (observations only).
  • Context of site in relation to other open spaces.
  • Structural and landscape benefits.
  • Ecological benefits.
  • Educational benefits.
  • Social inclusion and health benefits.
  • Cultural and heritage benefits.
  • Amenity benefits and a sense of place.
  • Economic benefits.

Value - non site visit criteria (score)

  • Designated site such as LNR or SSSI.
  • Educational programme in place.
  • Historic site.
  • Listed building or historical monument on site.
  • Registered 'friends of group' to the site.



Last Updated on Tuesday, September 8, 2020