Background studies

Accessibility study

The Accessibility Study assesses the relative accessibility of potential development sites

Affordable housing study

A study to consider an appropriate affordable housing target for Bassetlaw

Employment land capacity study

Information and maps regarding Bassetlaw's Employment Land Capacity Study

Employment land review

Employment Land Review for the East Midlands Northern Sub-Region which covers Bassetlaw

Environmental sites assessment

This study assesses the requirements of relevant legislation and planning policy, then identifies and maps Bassetlaw’s environmental assets

Green infrastructure

The purpose of this study is to provide a long-term vision for green infrastructure within Bassetlaw

Gypsy, travellers and travelling showpeople

Information on the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Study in Bassetlaw

Habitat regulations assessment

Information about Bassetlaw District Council's Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)

Harworth feasibility study

Information about the Harworth Feasibility Study

Infrastructure planning

The Infrastructure Study is part of the evidence base informing the preparation of the Local Development Framework (LDF) for Bassetlaw

Landscape character assessment (LCA)

The Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) explains the differences between landscapes

Open space

Information on the Open Space and Play Pitch Assessment in Bassetlaw

Renewable and low carbon study

Bassetlaw District Council's Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study

Retail and leisure study

Information on Bassetlaw District Council's Retail Study

Services and facilities study

Information about Bassetlaw District Council's Service and Facilities Study

Strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA)

Bassetlaw's Strategic Flood Risk Assessments including maps

Transport assessment

Bassetlaw's Transport Assessment in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council and the Highways Agency

Water cycle study

Information on Bassetlaw's Water Cycle Study