Employment land capacity study - Employment land capacity study

The East Midlands Northern Sub-Region Employment Land Review does not offer specific advice on where employment growth can and should be accommodated; from which sectors the demand for this growth may come; and what intervention, if any, is required to ensure that the market delivers appropriate sites.

This study (part funded by East Midlands Development Agency), therefore, aims to:

  • Provide recommendations on the best locations for future employment land allocations in the District;
  • Identify the general constraints (including competing supply in the sub-region) to employment growth in relation to these locations, as well as the particular factors that may have led to market failure or to disinterest from specific employment sectors;
  • Provide recommendations on the proportion of B1, B2 and B8 uses each area can, and should, accommodate up to 2026;
  • Provide recommendations on areas where public sector intervention is required to support or generate a market for specific employment sectors;
  • Identify areas where there is current, emerging or potential oversupply in the market for specific employment sectors;
  • Give predictions on the potential number and type of new jobs likely to be created as a result of employment growth up to 2026.



Last Updated on Wednesday, September 9, 2020