Homelessness - How will the council help?

Your current housing situation will be assessed and you will be informed of what actions are required to prevent you from becoming homeless, these will be agreed and put into your personalised housing plan.  The assessment will involve looking at the circumstances that caused you to become homeless or threatened with homelessness, whether you or anyone in the household have special needs and require support and what type of accommodation would be suitable and is available.

The Housing Needs Team can help in a number of ways which may include:

  • providing assistance to make applications for housing
  • providing assistance to make applications for benefits
  • assessing and reviewing your needs
  • exploring housing options available to you
  • providing emergency accommodation when you have nowhere else to stay
  • making one off payments to assist with Bonds/Rent in advance
  • making one off payments to reduce/clear rent or mortgage arrears to prevent you from being evicted
  • arranging for financial or budgeting advice to be provided
  • liaising with family, friends, landlords or letting agents



Last Updated on Thursday, September 13, 2018