Homelessness - Duty

Prevention duty

If you are owed a “Prevention Duty” the Council has to decide what action needs to be taken and by whom in order to keep you in your present home (where appropriate) or find you a new home.  These actions are called “Reasonable Steps” and will be discussed and agreed with you wherever possible, they will then be included in your personalised housing plan and kept under review.  The new Prevention Duty lasts for a maximum of 56 days and starts from the date the duty is accepted by the Council, this duty is owed to all eligible households regardless of priority need, intentionality or local connection. 

If it is not possible to prevent you from losing your home, it is considered unreasonable for you to continue occupying your present home or you have no home, you will automatically progress to the next stage of the process known as the “Relief Stage”.

Main housing duty

You will only be owed the “Main Housing Duty” if you are considered to be Eligible, in Priority Need and not Homeless Intentionally.  If you are owed this duty, the Council will ensure that suitable temporary accommodation is available for you and your household until the duty ends.  In order to ensure you are rehoused at the earliest opportunity, all properties that meet the needs of your household in all areas of Bassetlaw (unless otherwise agreed) will be considered.  You will be made one offer only of a suitable settled home (whether you accept it, or not) which will bring this duty to an end.  Offers of suitable accommodation may include the offer of a tenancy with the Council, a Housing Association or private landlord (where tenancy is for at least 12 months).



Last Updated on Tuesday, April 9, 2024