Homelessness - How does it work?

When you first contact the Housing Needs Team, an initial assessment will be undertaken to establish whether you are homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days. 

If the Council has reason to believe you that are either of these, it will then carry out a formal assessment to determine that this is the case.  This will involve inviting you to attend an interview so that a homeless application can be opened and carrying out inquiries to establish the facts such as contacting family members, landlords or letting agents and checking documents such as your Tenancy Agreement, Section 21 Notice, passport, bank statements etc.  On completion of this assessment, if you are accepted to be homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days, you will be owed what is called a “Prevention Duty”.  If you do not meet the criteria, you will be issued with a written decision, known as a “Section 184 notification” at this stage which will confirm the reasons for this decision and provide you with a right to request a review of it should you be dissatisfied.



Last Updated on Thursday, September 13, 2018