Protected trees and hedgerows

Conservation area trees

Information about Trees within a Conservation Area in Bassetlaw

Diseases and dangerous trees

Information and advice about Tree Diseases to be aware off and Dangerous Tree guidance.

Grants, projects and management plans

Information about Grants, Projects and Management Plans for Trees in Bassetlaw.

High hedges

Information on the regulations around high hedges.

Protected hedgerow and tree enforcement

Information about our Tree Preservation Order and Protected Hedgerows Policies

Protected trees and hedgerows FAQ's

Frequently asked Questions on Protected Trees and Hedgerows at Bassetlaw District Council

Protected trees and hedgerows guidance

Advice and Guidance about Protected Trees and Hedgerows within Bassetlaw

Removing protected trees and hedgerows

Information about the removal of Protected Trees and Hedgerows

Tree surveys and landscaping assessments

Information about what is expected in a Tree Survey or Landscaping Assessment