Grants, projects and management plans


Bassetlaw District Council does not currently have any funds available private residents wanting to plant or undertake works to existing trees. However, there are external organisations such as the Forestry Commission, the Woodland Trust, the Tree Council and Trees for Cities that do offer some grants for tree planting schemes both for communities and on private land.


Lime Tree Avenue, Retford

Bassetlaw District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council have secured monies to undertake maintenance works to street trees along Lime Tree Avenue and to replant trees that have been removed in the past. The project involves planting 3 additional Lime Trees and to crown reduce some of the trees that are overhanging the adjacent highway.

The project will not impact any private properties or obstruct any accesses to properties. It is envisaged that the project will be completed by late February 2012.

Management Plans

The Council is currently working alongside other departments and organisation to produce up-to-date forestry management plans for several woodlands across the District. These include:

  • Hannah Park (Worksop)
  • Snape Park Wood (Harworth)
  • Clumber Park
  • Drovesdale Wood (Harworth)
  • Kings Park (Retford
  • The Canch Park (Worksop) 

Tree Removal Notices

There are currently no Tree Removal Notices

Last Updated on Thursday, June 4, 2020