Langold country park - Management Plan

Further Information about Langold Country Park

A comprehensive Master Plan for Langold Country Park was approved in March 2022 setting out a 10-year vision with the emphasis on Biodiversity, Landscape and Heritage. Other improvements continue to be made across the Park.

A Management Plan for the Park has been produced by Bassetlaw District Council.

The Management Plan is used to:

  • Assess and evaluate the current value of the park as a community facility
  • Establish opportunities for future improvements to its facilities and features and formulate actions accordingly
  • Monitor the management of the park in respect of its ongoing maintenance and future development potential.

The Plan also identifies how Langold Country Park and its management relates to broader policies and strategies at local, regional and national level.

It is also intended the Management Plan will assist the Council in its efforts to achieve Green Flag status for the park.



Last Updated on Wednesday, March 6, 2024