Looking after your allotment - Erection of sheds and greenhouses


The erection of all temporary buildings, sheds and greenhouses on the Council's allotment sites, must conform to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Any shed or greenhouse will be erected no closer than SIX FEET from any fence or hedge and shall not be larger than 8ft x 6ft or 7ft by 7ft.
  2. Before the erection of any building, a plan showing the proposed location and all other details of the buildings must be forwarded to the authorised officer of the Council. Any building which is improperly sited or causes any nuisance, annoyance or shade to neighbouring gardeners, or to any housing property which borders the site, will be removed by the tenant.
  3. No building shall be erected on a concrete or brick, permanent or semi-permanent base. It is recommended that wooden beams such as sleepers be used, so that when a building is removed from the site the ground will be capable of cultivation.
  4. All sheds and greenhouses must be properly constructed and not made from waste materials such as old windows and doors. They must be maintained in good condition and repair at all times. If, in the opinion of the authorised officer of the Council a building has fallen into disrepair or become unsightly, the tenant will be required to remove it from site.
  5. On the termination of an allotment plot, any shed, greenhouse or other building must be removed from site within FOURTEEN DAYS of the date of giving notice to quit or termination date by the Council. After this time the building will become the property of the Council.
  6. The Council will not be responsible for any building or the security of its contents, or for any loss or damage to or from any building erected on an allotment plot. This will be the responsibility of the owner of the building.



Last Updated on Monday, September 7, 2020