Allotment information

Draft allotment strategy consultation

The Council is currently consulting on its Draft allotment strategy and is asking current Council Allotment Tenants, and the Bassetlaw Public, for their views on an updated strategy.

Allotments Information

Thinking of renting an allotment - this page provides further information and advice on how to apply

Apply to rent an allotment Plot

Make an application to rent an allotment plot within Bassetlaw

Allotment locations

An interactive map showing the locations of Bassetlaw District Council's Allotments

Looking after your allotment

Advice and information on looking after your allotment plot

Rent an allotment plot

How to rent an allotment plot within the district of Bassetlaw

Allotments notice board

Bassetlaw Allotments Notice Board, where local gardeners can post their messages and advice to others

Weed control

Information about weeds, whose responsibility they are, and how to control them

Keeping livestock on our allotments

All you need to know about keeping livestock on council owned allotment sites.