Allotments Information

Why Garden?

There are the obvious reasons that encourage many people to take an allotment – the opportunity to grow your own fresh organic food that can save you money and keep you fit.

But there are many other reasons why more and more people are getting back into allotment gardening. Allotments are now popular with all sectors of the community, irrespective of age, sex, social or cultural background. They are a great place for people to meet, socialise, and swap advice, seeds and crops. When you go on to a site you are likely to see a well-cultivated site with very few if any vacant plots.

This is not unique to Bassetlaw, nationally there has been a significant increase in demand, and with waiting lists being the norm. 

Don’t worry if you have not gardened before there are lots of ways that we can help.

So if you want to know more then talk to our staff.

Where are the Allotments?

Bassetlaw District Council has over 20 allotment sites in use at the present time in Retford and Worksop. The maps on this booklet show you where the sites are. Besides the District council there are other providers of allotments throughout Bassetlaw. Contact your local parish or town council to find out if there are any allotments in your area.

How can I get more advice?

You will find allotment gardeners are very keen to offer help and advice when you start gardening. Each site operated by the District council also has a site steward who will be available to show you around the site, answer your questions and give advice.

Please contact via email:

Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens
The Greenhouse, Hereford Street,
Bristol. BS3 4NA
Tel: 0117 923 1800 Email:

National Society of Allotments,
Leisure Gardens Ltd
O’Dell House, Hunters Road,
Corby, Northants NN17 5JE
Tel: 01536 266576 Email:

Renting a Council Allotment

Firstly, please use the maps to help locate your preferred site (larger scale maps can be provided upon request).

Then contact our Parks and Open Spaces Team on (01909) 534 525 or email to check the availability of plots on your chosen sites. If there are any vacancies we will provide you with the contact details of the relevant site steward who will meet you on site and show you any vacant plots.

Should you want to proceed our Site Steward will provide you with an application form. Please complete this form and return it to our Parks and Open Spaces Office at The DSO Block, Carlton Forest Depot, Hundred Acre Lane, Carlton Forest, Worksop, Notts S81 0TS.

We will then have a Tenancy Agreement drawn up which you will be asked to sign. Please note that until this Agreement is returned you do not have any tenancy rights and the plot will be offered to other prospective tenants.

Waiting Lists

In the event that your chosen site is full, we run waiting lists for individual sites and would be happy to add your details for future vacancies.

Rental Charges 

Visit our Rent an allotment plot page for details of rental charges

Smaller-sized plots

Should the prospect of cultivating a large area be too time-consuming or overwhelming, we offer where possible the option to have the plot split and instead take a half plot.

Last Updated on Wednesday, March 6, 2024