Rent an allotment plot

  1. Read our Allotments Leaflet to help you decide whether renting an allotment plot is something you would like to pursue (currently being updated)
  2. Choose you preferred location using our Allotments Online Map.
  3. Apply to Rent An Allotment Plot.

We will check the availability of plots on your chosen sites. If there are any vacancies we will provide you with the contact details of the relevant site steward who will meet you on site and show you any vacant plots.

Waiting Lists

In the event that your chosen site is full, we run waiting lists for individual sites and would be happy to add your details for future vacancies.

Rental Charges

Allotment rent and water charges are raised annually to existing tenants.

The rent charged for plots is varied and dependent upon the size of your chosen plot. Based on April 2023 to March 2024 fees and charges the rate is £0.141 per square metre (i.e. 250m² x 0.141p = £35.25).

The majority of our sites have water standpipes and water charges are based on actual usage on sites and the size of plot.

Smaller-Sized Plots

Should the prospect of cultivating a large area be too time-consuming or overwhelming, we offer where possible the option to have the plot split and instead take a half plot.

Last Updated on Friday, November 3, 2023