Looking after your allotment - Aminopyralid contaminated manure

It is important to check before using farmyard or stable manure that it does not contain the agricultural weed killer aminopyralid.

Aminopyralid has been used on farms to control weeds in grasslands. Where treated grass was eaten by livestock their manure may contain residues of the weed killer.

There may still be some affected manure and, while there are no concerns for human health, its use can cause poor distorted growth in many crops including beans, peas, potatoes and tomatoes, which will reduce harvests.

Therefore, ask the supplier to confirm that the manure does not contain aminopyralid. Stable owners may not be able to offer this assurance, so be very cautious about using stable manure.

For more information see Corteva - The Future of Agriculture (External website)


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Last Updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2023