Moved House or New to the Area? Make sure you are registered to vote in upcoming Elections

Bassetlaw residents will be heading to the polls on Thursday 2 May to take part in East Midlands Combined County Mayoral Authority (EMCCMA) and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections.

Residents across Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire will get the chance to vote for the first-ever elected East Midlands Mayor in May, after councils gave the go-ahead to devolution for the region.

Residents will also be able to vote for who should be the next Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner; the commissioner is responsible for policing across the county, ensuring the delivery of an effective and efficient police service.

In order to vote in these elections, residents must be on the electoral register by 11:59pm on Tuesday 16 April, and Bassetlaw District Council is urging those who have not registered at their current address to do so before the deadline.

Anyone over 16 can register online, although you must be 18 to vote in elections. The process takes just five minutes and all you will need is your National Insurance number. It is particularly important that people who have recently moved home check they are registered and take action if not.

Registering to vote gives citizens the opportunity to exercise their democratic right and shape policies locally and nationally. Being registered to vote can also improve your credit score, making it easier to secure loans or a home.

Students are also reminded that they are able to register at both their home address and term time address. Providing both areas are in different elections, they are also able to vote in both.

Anyone who needs a Postal or Proxy vote can now apply for these online. The deadline for applying for a postal vote is 5pm Wednesday 17 April 2024, and the deadline to apply for a proxy to vote on your behalf is 5pm Wednesday 24 April 2024.

David Armiger, Electoral Registration Officer for Bassetlaw District Council, said:

“Voting is an important way of being able to have your say and shape policies that will impact people in Bassetlaw and Nottinghamshire. If you have moved house, or are new to the District and haven’t registered at your current address, then time is running out to make sure you can take part in these elections. I’d encourage everyone in Bassetlaw who is not already registered to vote, to take action now.

“Our message is simple: you can’t vote if you aren’t registered by 16 April. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes online – just head to”

Last Updated on Friday, March 8, 2024