Snipe Park flood problems to be tackled

Snipe Park flood problems to be tackled

From damp shoes and muddy school uniforms to inaccessible footpaths, the persistent flooding at Snipe Park in Harworth and Bircotes has been a longstanding cause of frustration for residents.

With help from local charity Groundwork Five Counties, these issues are now going to be tackled. The organisation has teamed up with Bassetlaw District Council to take on the consistent flooding and improve the area.

Every Thursday in June, the charity’s environmental team will be tidying up the overgrown woodlands, which have become an eyesore. This will include removing rubbish and cutting down dense trees and shrubs, allowing the area to be more open and accessible, with people finally able to use the footpaths again.

Birds are currently nesting in the ditches, meaning that by law no work can be done on the drainage system until bird nesting season is officially over. As an environmental organisation, Groundwork’s habitat management experts ensure the protection of local wildlife comes first.

Once bird nesting ends in September, the team will be clearing out the overgrown vegetation blockages in the ditches, which is causing rainwater to spill over the grasslands and onto the footpaths.

Dense trees and shrubs will be reduced, and these cuttings will used to create new habitats for the wildlife that can be found in the woods, creating a safe space for them to nest.

Once this work is completed, the charity will be delivering a series of play sessions for pre-school children and their grown-ups, to kickstart a new era for Snipe Park where recreation and enjoyment of nature take centre stage.

Darryl Plummer, Programme Director at Groundwork, says: “We’re very excited to resolve the flooding issue for local residents, who have highlighted that this has been a problem for some time now.

“There are multiple schools nearby, where children often arrive dirty and wet from their walk through Snipe Park and the woods. People with pushchairs and mobility aids are unable to use the footpaths as it’s sometimes too muddy to navigate, and it’s become more of a problem as we have seen an unusual wet weather pattern over the past year. It is our hope that soon after the new school year starts, children will arrive at school clean and dry.

“Clearing the drainage will make a big difference immediately and we hope to come back regularly to make sure the area is looked after and prevent another big build-up of vegetation and rubbish. We will be hosting free children’s play sessions once the area is cleaned up, which encourage children to get creative in nature, enjoy their local green space, and make new friends.”

Alongside these activities, Groundwork Five Counties are holding a consultation for residents to share their feelings about Snipe Park and how the area can be improved. A survey taking just two minutes to complete can be found here:

Darryl continues: “Snipe Park is a lovely green space but gets spoiled by a small group of people’s bad behaviour. Every response to our survey will help us paint a clearer picture of ongoing issues, what people would like to see happen to the area, and how we can turn Snipe Park into a space everyone can enjoy.”

Cllr Lynne Schuller, Ward Member for Harworth and Bircotes, said: "I'm really pleased that we at Bassetlaw District Council are working with Groundwork to resolve the long-term issues we have had with the path alongside Snipe Park Wood and clearing up the wood to bring it back into use as a green space that we can be proud to use.

“Having had conversations with the team they really have started to understand problems we are facing with this area and they want to work with our community to improve the space. One thing I feel is really important is that Groundwork are interested in what local people have to say and what our residents want to see moving forward. 

“I know that there has been a great deal of discomfort from people when they have seen what an eyesore it became. I, too was sad to see the level of mistreatment and neglect. I hear and can tell stories of walking to school through the woods, the carpet of bluebells, and it being a place to play. I really want this for the children coming forward now, and this should be a space for our community.

“Both the Wood and the Park has been an important area for our community for many, many years. It's part of our history and now I have a great feeling that it's going to part of our future and the history of our younger generations as a place to relax, engage with nature and enjoy our leisure time."

Take the Snipe Park survey to share your thoughts on this area:

Last Updated on Monday, June 24, 2024