Councillors splash out grants for Retford Lifesavers

Councillors splash out grants for Retford Lifesavers

A group of councillors have donated money to help Retford Lifesavers Club in their quest for medals at the next World Lifesavers Championship in Australia.

The club is aiming to win their first gold medal at the championships since 2018 and will be taking on competitors from 50 countries on the Gold Coast in August and September this year.

Bassetlaw Councillors have donated £2,300, which will help to buy new equipment and contribute towards the championship entry fees for its members.

Councillors including Cllr Harriet Digby, Cllr Malachi Carroll, Cllr John Manners, Cllr David Naylor, Cllr David Pidwell, Cllr Alan Rhodes, Cllr Joan Sanger and Cllr Jonathan Slater all contributed from their community grants.

Peter Moyes, Head Coach said: “We are honoured to be competing at the World Championships this Summer and having the grant goes a long way in providing the new equipment for the team and enabling them to train more than once a week.

“We would like to thank councillors for their generosity towards the club so we are able to continue and inspire the next generation.”

Retford Lifesavers has been running for over 40 years, starting out as Tuxford Club in Rampton before eventually moving to Retford Leisure Centre.

Cllr Digby, Ward Member for East Retford West, said: “It’s fantastic to support Retford Lifesavers, not only in the community but also in their personal goals. We have amazing role models in Bassetlaw and on behalf of the Council we wish the team the best of luck in the World Championship.”

Each Bassetlaw District Councillor is allocated a small budget and has the discretion to award grants to community activities that will benefit the community within their respective electoral ward areas. Councillors will consider grant applications for sports; culture and heritage; environment and sustainability; social welfare; and community activities.

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Pictured- Cllr Harriet Digby, Cllr John Manners, Peter Moyes, Katie Merills, Retford Lifesavers Team


Last Updated on Friday, May 24, 2024