Head of Finance and Property Services (Deputy Section 151 Officer) - Job Description

Directorate: Corporate Resources

Job Title: Head of Finance and Property Services

Responsible to: Director of Corporate Resources

Key responsibilities

  • To fulfil the role of the Council’s Deputy Section 151 Officer.

  • To manage the services in the Division effectively through performance management, best practice and clear leadership, ensuring that the Council’s performance appraisal and developmental processes are undertaken both systematically and consistently across teams.

  • To develop effective working relationships with elected Members, in particular the relevant cabinet members for the Service, the Leader and Deputy Leader, developing appropriate strategies, policies and plans ensuring that they promote and implement Council objectives.

  • To be an effective member of the Council’s Corporate Management Team and to provide relevant professional advice and support to officers and elected Members whilst supporting the Council’s s151 Officer in their role of providing stewardship of the Council’s resources ensuring compliance with all statutory and non-statutory requirements.

  • To take lead/key responsibility for assigned crosscutting themes, transformation and change programmes, other projects and initiatives, ensuring successful delivery against agreed targets and outcomes.

  • To produce, develop and review service/business plans across the Division ensuring that they support the Council’s vision.

  • To participate in effective partnership working with local communities and with other public, private and voluntary sectors organisations within the District.

  • To ensure that resources (including those of the Division) are optimised, controlled effectively by the development, implementation and monitoring of robust service and financial planning processes ensuring compliance with Financial and Contract Procedure Rules and all relevant codes of practice.

  • To support effective scrutiny arrangements and ensure the engagement and involvement of elected Members as appropriate providing professional advice and support as required and attending and reporting to meetings and briefings as appropriate.

The post is politically restricted under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 and post-holders are prohibited from seeking public election, holding political office or writing publicly on matters of political controversy. Appointment to the post is subject to a standard check under the Disclosure and Barring Scheme.

The postholder will be employed under the JNC Scheme of Conditions of Service for Chief Officers.



Last Updated on Wednesday, March 27, 2024