October 2023 Flood Support

Flood Recovery Information for Residents & Businesses

Flooding in Bassetlaw

Living in an area that can be prone to flooding – whether from river or surface water – means being prepared is key.

Flooding risk information and FAQs

Flooding risk information and frequently asked questions for communities affected by flooding in Bassetlaw.

Information and advice for flooding

How to prepare for flooding, what is the council's role, help and advice.

Living near water

If you own land or property alongside a river or other watercourse, this information is for you.

Preparing a flood pack

Information about what you should include in an emergency flood pack

Preparing a flood plan

Preparing a flood plan and what to take to help you through a difficult situation when you live in an at risk area.

Sandbags and community resilience stores

Provision of sandbags for residents and commercial properties, plus details of where the community resilience stores are located.