Preparing a flood plan

Flooding often happens quickly and unexpectedly. Preparing an Emergency Flood Plan will help you through a very difficult situation if you are living in an 'at risk' area.

Write a flood plan

The Environment Agency has an online tool to help you draw-up a flood plan to detail what you need to do if your property floods. This will help reduce damage to your property and will ensure that you and your family are prepared for flooding. 

Some suggestions for inclusion in an emergency flood plan:

  • General contact list
  • Key locations of utility cut-off points
  • Who can help / who can you help?
  • Actions (what can you do if a flood is expected in your area?)

Consider having spare boards and sandbags to help block Low level doorways and air bricks etc. Remember to remove these again before using gas appliances.


If the flooding is severe you may be required to evacuate your home. The District Council may already have made temporary Rest Centres available. Identify beforehand if possible, what you will need to take with you.

Can you make provision for family pets?

If you chose to move out of your home before imminent flooding occurs, consider where best to go out of the floodrisk area and a safe route to that location.

If you stay at home but move upstairs, make sure you have all you need with you.

Be prepared for flooding. Act now!

Last Updated on Monday, January 8, 2024