Sandbags and community resilience stores

Sandbags are a short term and relatively cheap way to manage flooding, but only if they are filled and placed correctly. However, they are relatively ineffective when compared to purpose-designed flood protection products. They are of no use if a property is flooded.

If you require sandbags you should buy them from local builder’s merchants, DIY stores or online in advance of flooding.  The Council has no legal duty to provide sandbags – it is the resident’s responsibility to protect their property as far as possible.

Aqua-Sacs are self-inflating sandbags and are a proven alternative to traditional sand bags for flood defence. These can be purchased online.

During times of flooding, Nottinghamshire County Council may have limited supplies of sandbags for responding to emergency requests only from vulnerable residents who are unable to provide their own. A vulnerable resident is classed as someone who is at risk of their property being flooded and is less able to help themselves in the circumstances of an emergency.

The County Council cannot guarantee the delivery of sandbags as roads may be impassable due to flooding and requests may not meet the sandbag prioritisation criteria that the Council follow.

Please refer to the guidance to see if you are eligible for sandbags. If you meet the criteria, please contact Nottinghamshire County Council on: 

  • 0300 500 80 80 (Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am -12noon)
  • 01253 502776 (outside above hours)

Community resilience stores

There are a number of community resilience stores across Bassetlaw that are opened in the event of flooding.

These containers are for use in an emergency situation only and the contents should not be solely relied upon to protect your home. Advice and guidance on how to protect your property from flooding can be found on the National Flood Forum website.

Please contact Nottinghamshire County Council on the numbers below to access the Flood Containers.

0300 500 80 80 80 (Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am -12noon)

01253 502 776 (outside above hours)

  • Carlton-in-Lindrick – Rear of the Civic Centre, Long Ln, Carlton in Lindrick.
  • Clarborough and Welham - Clarborough Village Hall, Main Street, Clarborough.
  • Clayworth - Wiseton Estate, Town Street, Clayworth.
  • East Drayton - Church Lane, East Drayton.
  • Harworth - Cemetery, Styrrup Road, Harworth/Bircotes.
  • Hayton - Main St. Hayton.
  • Nether Langwith - opposite Jug & Glass pub, Main Road, Nether Langwith
  • North Leverton with Habblesthorpe – Next to the Railway Bridge, Main Street.
  • North Leverton with Habblesthorpe – Council Garages, Habblesthorpe Close, Habblesthorpe.
  • North and South Wheatley – Wood Lane, North Wheatley.
  • Rhodesia - Rear of Village hall, Tylden Rd, Rhodesia.
  • Shireoaks - Rear of Village hall, Shireoaks Road, Shireoaks.
  • South Leverton – Rampton Lane.
  • Sturton - le-Steeple - Low Holland Lane.
  • Walkeringham - Rear of Village Hall, Stockwith Rd, Walkeringham.
  • Worksop - Priorswell Road car park, Worksop. 
  • Worksop - Central Avenue Car Park, Worksop. 

Prioritisation criteria

Sandbag request for

Prioritisation criteria

Care homes / hospitals

(business delivering a critical service e.g. risk to life if service cannot be delivered due to flooding of premises)

If a business provides a potentially ‘life saving’ service, and its buildings are in danger of becoming flooded, then sandbags may be provided with recommendation that facility makes future arrangements to provide their own.

Other business

Other businesses, that do not deliver a ‘life saving’ service should be encouraged to secure their own sandbag resource. Sandbags will not be provided.

Property that is currently flooded

Sandbags will not alleviate the situation once a property has flooded. Sandbags will not be provided.

Home-owner should contact their insurer.

Property at risk of flooding

Properties in imminent danger of flooding that are occupied by vulnerable residents (elderly, disability and reduced mobility) who are unable to help themselves. Sandbags should be provided. Sandbags can take up to 3hrs to be delivered. 10-15 sandbags per request will be supplied for blocking doorways front and back.

If the resident has access to a Community Resilience Store / community sandbag stocks, sandbags will not be provided.  Resident should contact store key-holder.

All other requests are prioritised to those of greatest need if there is capacity– sandbags are not guaranteed. Resident is advised to purchase their own.

Property at negligible risk of flooding or request sandbags when there is no current flood threat

Sandbags will not be provided.

Resident is advised to purchase their own.

Sheds, garages, gardens and outbuildings

Sandbags will not be provided.

Sandbags are not guaranteed; residents at flood risk who wish to use sandbags are advised to purchase their own in advance of a flood.


Last Updated on Wednesday, January 17, 2024