Support for armed forces personnel - Bassetlaw Armed Forces Covenant Action Plan

In order to monitor our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, an annual report is submitted to Cabinet. This is supported with an Action Plan.

Appendix A

Armed Forces Covenant Action Plan 2019-2023

Updated December 2021

Key Action

Lead officer

Time scales

Financial & Resource Implications

Outcome Target


Information gathering, fact finding and networking

Baselining the Bassetlaw population which could benefit Covenant delivery

Stephen Brown

Spring 2019

Officer time

This will link into the work by other Notts Districts/Boroughs and provide a baseline

Census (2011) profile obtained

This identified 2029 veterans of working age (16-64) in Bassetlaw – 3%.

41 Active cases in Bassetlaw through Careers Transition Partnership –October 2020 (40 at April 2019).

107 roles at BDC promoted through the Careers Transition Partnership Nov 2019 – Oct 2020. 10 applications received.

Promoted awareness of specific question in Census 2021 amongst the Veteran community.


Make contact/research what other Local Authorities are doing

Stephen Brown


Officer time

Share good practice

Gap analysis of action plans

Learn and gain new knowledge

Meetings are based around the work of the Civil Military Partnership


Attend the Nottinghamshire Civil Military Partnership Board and feedback relevant information learned

Chairman of BDC (‘Armed Forces’ Champion) / Stephen Brown

Ongoing 4 times a year

Member and Officer time

Attend all meetings

Share information

Update board on BDC covenant work

Meetings attended by the Armed Forces Champion


Promoting the Armed Forces Covenant locally

Implement a revised website and maintain/improve, include new covenant branding

Carol Robinson

Spring 2019

Officer time

Website to provide up to date and accurate information with relevant links to enable the public to access information both local information and national.


Work with Comms team to promote all positive outcomes of the Covenant using a variety of sources

Will Spence


Officer time

To ensure positive news stories are shared with the Bassetlaw community

To provide information and news to the Bassetlaw community

To seek support and promote events and activities locally

This is an ongoing target and all possible good news stories have been released using both social media, newspapers and TV.

Features on:

VE and VJ Day

Armed Forces Day

Poppy Appeal

Remembrance Sunday, including feature with Royal British Legion branches

Consider, with the County Council and other districts, what we might wish to do in promoting a resigning of the Covenant

Stephen Brown

Spring 2019

Officer time

Possible reception catering costs

Gain awareness of the covenant

Raise the profile of the Covenant

Re-establish momentum across the district

To be considered in 2022 –Bassetlaw resigned the Covenant on22nd February 2022


Consider, ways the business community can become engaged and promote signing up to the Corporate Covenant



Potential events

Officer time

Engage the business in the community to embed the Covenant principals within their organisations

Look for opportunities to recruit reservists and veterans


Session on recruiting armed forces personnel had been arranged at the ‘Recruiting Talent’ event on 25th March. This had to be cancelled due to Covid

The event was rearranged on  16th September 2021 and the opportunity was taken by the Team to promote awareness of opportunities to recruit Armed Forces leavers and of the Covenant.

Work with local businesses to promote offering discounts to members of the Armed Forces



Potential events

Officer time

Offer support to Veterans and Reservists

Summary to BID / LSP / North Notts Envoys


Continue to promote Heroes Welcome in Bassetlaw

Employment and support of Veterans and Reservists

Retain the  Silver Employer Recognition award and consider Gold

Stephen Brown / Karen Childs


Officer time

Raises the profile of the Covenant

Demonstrates we are an employer that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and the armed forces community, and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant

Encourages other employers.

Silver achieved in March 2018. Renewal due  in 2022

An Armed Forces Reservist Employee Policy has been prepared that identifies the support the Council provides to Reservists  and their families. The Policy also details the support to Cadet Leaders. APPROVED BY CABINET 10th February 2022

Look to provide information guidance and support to the Armed Forces Community locally



Officer time

Helps veterans with the transition into civvy street

Provide easy to understand information by experts

Raises awareness

Armed Forces Champion has provided support to a number of veterans.

Discussions on creating a Veterans Hub facility in the district.

Case studies on local support are provided in the AFC Annual report.

Proactively explore options to encourage applications for jobs from service leavers

Karen Childs

January 2019

HR team time 

Military service foster  leadership, organisational skills, resilience and many other unique      qualities which are a great asset to have in  an organisation

Veterans have strong technical skills and unique qualities

Veterans make highly effective employees

Veterans have valuable attitudes and are adaptable

Employing Veterans is good for business and society

Veterans fill skills gaps

Council vacancies  are promoted through Careers Transition Partnership.


Consider what applications might be relevant to the national funding pot

Armed Forces Covenant Team


Officer time

Improve service delivery


Consider improvements to our Reservist and other Armed Forces employment support policies

Armed Forces Covenant Team

January 2019

Officer time

Ensure policies are in line with Covenant principals

Reservist policy in place.


Promote awareness of the Covenant with partners and other agencies.

Armed Forces Covenant Team


Officer and Member time

Raise awareness

Improve local service provision for Veterans and their families.

Presentation to Larwood & Bawtry PCN

Attendance at Mental Health Café to establish links

Support local Breakfast Clubs where possible



Member time

Support to ensure continuing development of BC

Raise awareness

Provides veterans with a social activity and support of peers

The Armed Forces  Champion has attended Breakfast Club meetings


Remembrance and Commemoration

Remembrance Sunday

Cara Hopkinson / Trish Webster

November 2020

Officer and SMT time

Costs from Worksop Charter Trustees


Arrangements made to ‘Remember from Home’ with support from the local RBL branches.

Events to mark contribution of armed forces


Mercian regiment promotion



Linked with local activities to mark Armed Forces Week in 2021

Armed Forces Day


June 2019

Officer time



Flag Flying





Armed Forces Day


Key events for 2019-2021

Events planned for 2019





RBL Freedom

Lt A.F. Pickard VC memorial stone with the Royal Artillery Regiment.

Events planned for 2020





Worksop Sea Cadets

VE / VJ Days –Virtual

Remembrance Sunday – scaled down events. Video clips prepared for social media.

Events planned for 2021





Commemoration of centenary of the formation of the Royal British Legion.

Remembrance Sunday –return to events.

Events planned for 2022





Link with Armed Forces Week

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee links





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