Council tax reduction scheme

Changes to the Council Tax Reduction scheme

Important information about changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Council tax reduction scheme (CTR) 2023/24

The new Bassetlaw scheme has some helpful additions.

Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2023/24 - Pension Age

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme for People of Pension Age.

Council tax reduction explained

Council Tax Reduction continues to provide money off your Council Tax bill if you are on a low income.

If you are having difficulty paying your council tax

As well as the Council Tax Reduction (CTR) Scheme, the Council has also made provision to help those who are experiencing exceptional hardship.

Second adult rebate for people of pensionable age

You can currently still claim Second Adult Rebate if you are of pensionable age and there are other people living in your home (excluding your partner) who are on a lower income than you.

Council Tax Discretionary Fund Policy

Council Tax Discretionary Fund Policy