Tree surveys and landscaping assessments - Arboricultural method statement

What is an Arboricultural Method Statement?

An Arboricultural Method Statement describes the measures to be implemented in order to ensure that adequate tree protection is put in to place during the construction process. Typically a Method Statement would include details on

  • Timing and phasing of all tree works related to the proposed development;
  • Implementation, monitoring, supervision and maintenance of the Tree Protection Measures;
  • Implementation, monitoring and supervision of pre-development tree works;
  • Implementation, monitoring and supervision of any approved activity within the Root Protection Area of a retained tree;
  • Depth and type of foundation in proximity to retained and planted trees;
  • Monitoring proposals to ensure full compliance with all conditions associated with trees.

When is an Arboricultural Method Statement Required?

An Arboricultural Method Statement may be required as a planning condition for any application type that involves development near to trees that are to be retained as part of a development.


Full guidance on the survey information, protection plan and method statement that should be provided with an application is set out in the current BS5837 ‘Trees in relation to construction - Recommendations’ (2012).

Using the methodology set out in BS5837 should help to ensure that development is suitably integrated with trees and that potential conflicts are avoided. Failure to provide sufficient information on trees may result in the application being regarded as invalid.



Last Updated on Wednesday, October 12, 2022