Removing protected trees and hedgerows - Tree Removal Register

 Tree Removal Notices

Address Species Date of Permission Granted Reason for Permission
24 Acacia Close, Worksop 1 Ash 01/09/2011 Causing drainage issues
Green Farm, Gringley

1 Sycamore,

1 Apple

12/09/2011 Storm damage
33 Celtic Village 2 Beech 09/11/2011 Overhanging and overshadowing
Rowan Lea, Carlton 1 Cedar 27/11/2011 Causing damage to underground facilities
Ktima, East Drayton 1 Ash 30/11/2011 Causing structural damage 
Beckingham Churchyard 1 Horse Chesnut 20/09/2011 Dead
Arlington House, Worksop 1 Ash, 1 Pine 12/12/2011 Dangerous, request by NCC to remove
Keepers Gate, West Carr Road Numerous Sycamore 10/11/2011 Split Sycamore and not worthy of a TPO
Carlton Road / Blyth Road, Worksop 44 Trees 15/03/2011 To make way for a new roundabout on Carlton Road. Replacement scheme agreed
31 Roman Road, Worksop 7 Pine, Sycamore 23/12/2011 Trees are insignificant and causing a loss of light. 3 Replacement trees to be planted within the garden



Last Updated on Thursday, July 6, 2023