Site allocations frequently asked questions (FAQ's) - Section 2

Q. How do I put forward a site to be considered for the Site Allocations DPD?

A. If you wish us to consider a site, or sites, within the District to be allocated for development, please Contact Us.

Q. How will potential development sites be assessed?

A. Sites will be assessed against a range of criteria that will include: public opinion (as a result of consultation); the likelihood of delivery; benefit to local communities and to the District; impact on existing infrastructure; scoring against Sustainability Appraisal objectives; and consistency with national policy and the Core Strategy.

Q. Will every site put forward be allocated for development?

A. Not every suggested site will be needed to meet the District’s development needs. Only those deemed to be developable have come forward for consideration as part of the Site Allocations consultation process.

Q. How will existing infrastructure and services cope and what new infrastructure and services will be provided to support the growth?

A. All new development, housing in particular, will contribute to the delivery of appropriate infrastructure either directly or through a financial contribution. The Council is already working closely with the relevant agencies to ensure that the exact infrastructure requirements of specific sites can be understood. Initial work is set out in the Council’s Infrastructure Capacity Study.



Last Updated on Thursday, February 23, 2023