Know your Place: South Leverton


Know your Place: South Leverton is a new initiative, aimed at encouraging better understanding of the local area and the identification of a set of local priorities. The project will involve a range of face-to-face and digital engagement opportunities over the coming months, designed to encourage curiosity and discussion. Information about events and publications is included below, with the most recent updates listed first. View more information about the background to the Know your Place initiative.

Know Your Place, South Leverton

Feedback (Early 2024)

Following the community events held in South Leverton in October 2023 and January 2024, all of the response data has now been compiled into a feedback report, intended as a means to assist thoughts as to what happens next.

Comments on the response data and next steps are welcome via email, letter, or over the telephone, using the contact details on the back page of the report. The District Council is due to discuss the findings with the Parish Council at an upcoming meeting. 


Emerging Evidence Base

As part of the Know your Place project, two new evidence base studies have been undertaken by consultants AECOM. Hard copies of the documents are available to view on request. It is important to note that the studies do not, at present, have weight in the planning system. 

Please note - the above two documents have been produced externally, and may not be fully compatible with assistive technology. Request an accessible format.


Mapping South Leverton

key part of the project is the sharing of mapped data, of two key types:

The window below provides access to view a range of mapped data sets held by the District Council, including topics such as green space, heritage, and community facilities. The following points should help when viewing the map:

  • The map takes a moment or so to load - please be patient.
  • Once loaded, use the menu on the left-hand side to choose the data that you want to look at.
  • The data is arranged in themes, with a number of data layers included under each, accessed via the triangle icons.
  • The eye icon identifies which groups and layers are visible (click the eye to switch that group or layer on and off).
  • Once displayed on the map, click on layers or features of interest to show further information in the left-hand panel. 

Access the map full screen.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024