What is the decision-making process? - What is the decision-making process?

Once the Council has received your application, a number of processes must take place before you receive your decision. These processes are set out below.

Validation and Consultation

Once all the required information has been received your application will be validated and registered (the application is entered onto the planning database system and given a start date), consultations are sent out to all adjacent neighbours. In addition, it may also be necessary to place a site notice in the immediate vicinity. Advertisements may also be placed in the local newspapers.

Allocation and Site Visits

The application is then allocated to a case officer who will in most cases visit the site to help assess the proposed development in its surroundings. The case officer is likely to make notes and take photographs of the site. These will be kept on file as a record of what is on the site at the time of the visit. If it is likely that the officer would be unable to access your property (i.e. if you work during the day), please contact him/her using the telephone number given on your acknowledgement letter.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024