Development Management

Appealing a refused planning application

Information on how to Appeal Against A Planning Permission

Demolition of buildings

The following planning advice notes provide information regarding the demolition of buildings

Discharging planning conditions

Planning permission should not be viewed as the end, it is a further step in the development process.

Do I need planning permission?

Information to help you decide whether you need planning permission or not

Executive summary - viability assessment

Requirements necessary to be submitted as part of a viability appraisal executive summary

How to comment on planning applications

Information on commenting on Planning Applications at Bassetlaw District Council

Major planning applications

What is a major planning application and which ones Bassetlaw currently dealing with

Non-material amendments

The protocol for Non-material amendments following a grant of planning permission

Planning advice notes

General planning advice notes

Planning Committee

Information on Bassetlaw's Planning Committee and how it works

Planning enforcement

Information about Planning Enforcement and what their roles are

Planning protocols

Protocols for administering planning functions

Pre-Application Advice

We advise that before submitting a planning application, you fill out our pre-application advice form

Renewable and low carbon energy

The terms and conditions for the licence agreement of the mapping page

What is the decision-making process?

Information on how the decision-making process is run at Bassetlaw

Planning obligations

Planning Obligations are legal agreements between a developer and the local planning authority.