How to comment on planning applications - How to comment on planning applications

Decisions on planning applications will be based mainly on the policies contained in the Development Plan.

In Bassetlaw, the Development Plan comprises the Bassetlaw Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD, supported by Supplementary Planning Documents, and any adopted Neighbourhood Plans in the district. 

Central Government policies in the form of the National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Policy Guidance also inform our decision-making.

Should you wish to comment on a current planning application, the following list shows other considerations that will and will not normally be taken into account when considering a planning application:

What is normally taken into account?

  • Relevant policies
  • Overshadowing/Loss of light
  • Overlooking/Loss of privacy
  • Scale/Size
  • Design/Appearance/Materials/Layout
  • Dominance
  • Highway/Pedestrian safety issues
  • Traffic generation
  • Site history
  • Noise/Disturbance/Smells
  • Local character
  • Conservation (historic buildings)
  • Loss of important open spaces
  • Drainage issues
  • Wildlife (particularly protected species such as bats or newts)
  • Landscaping and trees
  • Loss of important physical features
  • Potential conditions (see paragraph on conditions below)

What is not normally taken into account?

  • Impact on property values
  • Private property issues such as:
    • Boundary dispute
    • Access rights
    • Damage caused to your property by a third property
  • Matters covered by other legislation such as Licensing or Building Regulations
  • The perceived morals/future intentions of developers
  • Loss of a view
  • Competition (i.e. new competitor business starting up) 

The above lists are by no means exhaustive but give an overview of the types of issues that would normally or not normally be considered.

Local Support/Opposition

Large scale local support or opposition, usually in the form of petitions and duplicated letters, is not in itself a valid reason for either granting or refusing a planning application. Only the relevant issues contained in comments received will be considered together with the Relevant Policies.



Last Updated on Friday, May 19, 2023