Community right to bid - Who can nominate an asset?

  • Parish Councils
  • Community interest groups with a local connection
  • An unincorporated group whose members include at least 21 members on a local electoral register and whose activities are concerned with the area in which they are nominating or an adjoining area
  • A neighbourhood forum (as constituted under section 61F of the Town and Country Planning Act and the Localism Act 2011) can nominate an asset from their own area
  • A neighbouring Parish Council

Please note that only organisations can make nominations – not individuals.


How to get an asset on the list

  • Provide relevant supporting information and send this to the District Council at
  • If the local authority agrees that the asset does have community value, and it is in their local area, then it will add that asset to the ‘assets of community value’ list.
  • If the nomination is unsuccessful the local authority must notify the nominee in writing and provide an explanation as to why the nomination was unsuccessful.
  • The local authority must notify the landowner, the occupier and the community nominee of any inclusion or removal of an asset to the list.
  • A landowner can ask the local authority to review the inclusion of the asset from the list and there will be a process for an appeal to an independent body.
  • The local authority must also maintain a list of ‘land nominated by an unsuccessful community nomination’.
  • If land is included in the list of assets of community value it will remain on that list for five years.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024