Kings' park - History

A Brief History of Kings Park

Kings' Park was opened on June 29th 1938, to commemorate not only the reign of King George V, but also the Coronation year of King George VI.

The site for the original park occupies the land from Chancery Lane to the River Idle.  This was donated by Mrs M Huntsman of West Retford Hall in 1937.

A public appeal by the Borough of East Retford at the time raised £2,000 towards the estimated cost of £8,000 (equivalent to £683,000 today) to develop the park.

In 1960 a further donation of the land by R H Williamson to the west of the River Idle allowed for an extension to the park within the former grounds of the historic West Retford Hall, which dates from 1699 and still stands outside the north-west boundary of the park.



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