Brunton Shaw: Built in Bassetlaw, Bound for Brazil

Brunton Shaw: Built in Bassetlaw, Bound for Brazil

Worksop based wire rope manufacturer Brunton Shaw is celebrating the successful departure of a multi-million pound order, as two 3.5 kilometre, 329 tonne Ocean Max cables are shipped to Brazil.

Manufactured at the Sandy Lane factory in Worksop, the Ocean Max cables are a best in class steel wire rope that will be used on pipe laying supply vessels in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Brazil.

Transported on purpose built spools, standing over 4.7 metres high, the production of the Ocean Max cables is a true international trade collaboration. The raw material steel wire is delivered from a partner factory in India and manufactured in a purpose built, half a kilometre long winding shed in Worksop, taking advantage of Brunton Shaw’s 130 years of industry experience. The finished products are then shipped to market from the Port at Goole.

Somnath Saha, Managing Director at Brunton Shaw UK said:

“We are delighted to see the successful departure of this multi-million pound order to Brazil, highlighting an international trade partnership spanning three continents. I am incredibly proud of the roots Brunton Shaw has in the local community and that best in class, British manufacturing is taking place here in Worksop, for a global market. We are grateful for the support of our local partners, including Bassetlaw District Council and look forward to fulfilling many more orders from our Worksop factory.” 

Cllr James Naish, Leader of Bassetlaw District Council said:

“Bassetlaw is home to world leading industry and this latest export from Brunton Shaw is building on the international trade that takes place in our district. Bassetlaw is a place that likes to do business and we are proud that companies like Brunton Shaw are able to expand their operations and deliver world class products that are part of multi-national collaborations. This is another example of the positive growth that is taking place across our district with other multinational investments including the flagship Fusion project at West Burton. ”

Marco Longhi MP, Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Brazil said:

“I am delighted to see these exports to Brazil as the Prime Minister’s Trade envoy to the country. There are huge opportunities there that we do not immediately think about, but Brazil is 35 times the size of the U.K. and three of its States have a GDP to qualify for G20 status. 

“My focus has been to remove market access barriers and the recent announcement of a Double Taxation Agreement is a very big achievement so that companies will only be taxed in one country.”

Brendan Clarke Smith, Member of Parliament for Bassetlaw said:

“It’s great to see British companies taking full advantage of the new opportunities that have arisen for trade outside of Europe and I’m particularly proud to see a local company from Bassetlaw doing exactly this. The market in Brazil is a particularly exciting one, which has huge potential for further investment and growth.”


Last Updated on Wednesday, August 9, 2023