Designated premises supervisor - Frequently asked questions for designated premises supervisor

Can I be a Designated Premises Supervisor at more than one premises at the same time?

The only requirement for being a Designated Premises Supervisor is that the individual concerned must be the holder of a Personal Licence. This ensures that where the activities concern the supply of alcohol, there is a person who supervises the premises who has an understanding of the social issues, potential problems associated with the sale of alcohol and who is responsible for licensable activities at the premises.

How do I change the details of the Designated Premises Supervisor?

Where a Designated Premises Supervisor is to be newly specified, the normal procedure is for the Premises Licence Holder to notify the Police of this. The whole Premises Licence does not have to be provided for the amendment. The Act states that part of the licence must be submitted with the appropriate application form. This will also require submission of a schedule to the main licence giving personal details of key individuals.

Fill in our request a licensing application form and select the Application to vary a premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor form to complete your application.

Does the Designated Premises Supervisor need to be on the premises when alcohol is being served?

No, but the Designated Premises Supervisor should always be contactable.  As the Designated Premises Supervisor is ultimately responsible for every alcohol sale, if there is any problem at the premises, it will be a matter for the courts to decide if the Designated Premises Supervisor has shown due diligence.



Last Updated on Tuesday, December 20, 2022