Street naming and numbering explained - Are you experiencing problems obtaining services?

If you have recently moved, changed the name of your property or are using an incorrect postcode, you may experience problems with delivery companies, utility services, credit and other services.

If you have a street number, the postcode may not have been made “live” by Royal Mail’s Address Development Centre. We can contact Royal Mail on your behalf and arrange for the postcode to be “released”.

If you have added a house name to your address, did you notify the Council? From our records we can confirm whether or not a scheme has been created to add or change the name of your property. If we have not carried out a scheme you can forward details to the Council, confirming a previous name and the current name you use.

Does your postcode not match your address details? Royal Mail can confirm the postcode allocated to your property.



Last Updated on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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