Pest Advice - Cockroaches

What are they?


Cockroaches can contaminate food with their excrement, give out an unpleasant odour, and many people can get allergic skin reactions to them. For these reasons they need to be effectively controlled.

Cockroaches are large insects with whip like antennae and two pairs of wings. The most common species found in the UK are the Oriental and German cockroaches. They can gather together in large numbers if left unchecked.

Cockroaches like the warm, humid conditions found in a typical home. Domestic conditions also give them a good source of food as well as shelter. They are nocturnal, spending the day in such areas as sinks, drains, the back of cupboards and around fridge motors

Oriental Cockroach - Oriental cockroaches are often found in cooler and less humid areas such as drains and basements. They thrive in buildings with service ducts and complex plumbing.

The female lays her eggs in a capsule containing up to 16 eggs and carries it to an area where the young can find food. The eggs hatch into small versions of the adults, or nymphs, after six to twelve weeks. The nymphs, which resemble the adults except for lack of wings, take between ten months and two years to grow to adulthood. Adults live for about 18 weeks.

German Cockroach - The egg capsules of German cockroaches contain up to 32 eggs. The female carries the egg case for some time and drops it when the eggs are close to hatching. The nymphs take approximately 14 weeks to grow into adults and can live for approximately 34 weeks.

How can I treat them?

High standards of hygiene can stop cockroaches from getting to food while sealing cracks and crevices, especially in areas where food is prepared, can deny the insects shelter. If you live in a block, treatment needs carrying out on a block basis.

You can treat yourself using cockroach killing insecticide*, applying it to areas where cockroaches shelter such as cracks, and around refrigerators/washing machines.

*Always refer to the product instructions BEFORE use and follow these at ALL times.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024